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If you have knowledge that a company has made fraudulent or improper charges against the government you may want to discuss your legal rights with a Oklahoma Whistleblower Attorney. You may be able to file a False Claims Act lawsuit against the company and earn a very large reward for saving taxpayers money.

Whistleblowers who have information about illegal kickbacks, off-label drug marketing, false charges and cheating on government contract terms have saved our country billions of dollars and earned hundreds of millions in rewards.

If you have information about fraudulent charges, improper drug marketing or illegal kickbacks being paid in the healthcare or defense industry, contact us immediately for a confidential evaluation.

A Oklahoma Whistleblower Attorney can explain your rights as a whistleblower under the False Claims Act. The False Claims Act, or “Whistleblower Law”, is a little-known law that allows private citizens to file lawsuits against those committing fraud on our government and share in the reward.

The False Claims Act contains a provision known as “Qui Tam” which allows any person with evidence of fraud being committed against the government to retain a Oklahoma Whistleblower Attorney to file a lawsuit on their own against the party accused of the fraud.

A whistleblower, or relator, as they are called in a False Claims Act lawsuit, is usually entitled to between 15% and 25% of the amount recovered as a reward. It will cost you nothing to hire a Oklahoma Whistleblower Attorney unless they recover a reward for you.

Large healthcare and defense corporations as well as Chambers of Commerce and business lobbyists spend millions each year to fight or try to weaken this law. Companies hate the idea of everyday Americans having the power to regulate their fraud against our government.

While most people don’t know about the False Claims Act, it has been around since the Civil War. This useful law was originally drafted by President Abraham Lincoln to fight fraud being committed on the Union Army by unscrupulous military suppliers.

The original False Claims Act was enacted after it was discovered that unscrupulous defense contractors were literally selling old, decrepit horses and rotten food to the military. It was nicknamed the Lincoln Law after its author.

The False Claims Act, or Whistleblower Law, is still used today to fight wrongful charges by defense contractors. However, in recent decades it has become even more useful in policing fraudulent charges by medical supply, medical device and pharmaceutical companies against Medicare and other government programs.

Since important changes were made to the law in 1986, the government has recovered billions of dollars in fraudulent claims with the help of whistleblowers. In 2010 alone, more than $4 billion was recovered, with 80% from the healthcare industry. Best of all, almost $3 billion has been awarded to whistleblowers.

The whistleblower law was recently changed to also allow IRS and SEC whistleblower lawsuits by those with evidence of tax fraud or corporate fraud by a publicly traded company of more than $1 million.

If you have information about false or fraudulent charges being made against the government in the healthcare or defense industries, or through tax or SEC filing fraud, contact a Oklahoma Whistleblower Attorney today.

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