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If you have information or evidence that a company has made False Claims against the government you need to speak with a Maryland Whistleblower Lawyer about your legal rights.

You may be entitled to a healthy reward just for doing what is right and helping to save other taxpayers like yourself from billions of dollars in false claims and fraud that is committed on our country every year.

If you have information about fraudulent charges, improper billing, double billing or illegal kickbacks being paid in the healthcare or defense industry, contact us immediately for a confidential evaluation.

A Maryland Whistleblower Lawyer can explain how the little-known False Claims Act can work in your favor. The False Claims Act, also known as the “Whistleblower Law”, allows everyday citizens to police for fraud on our government and share in the reward for reporting it.

The unique Qui Tam provision of the False Claims Act allows a person who has evidence of fraud being committed against the government to retain a Maryland Whistleblower Lawyer to file a lawsuit on their own against the party accused of the fraud.

Best of all, the whistleblower, or relator, as they are called in whistleblower lawsuits, is usually rewarded with 15% to 25% of the amount recovered. It costs nothing to hire a Maryland Whistleblower Lawyer as the legal fees are deducted from the reward.

Corporations such as those in the healthcare and defense industries as well as Chambers of Commerce and business lobbyists detest the idea of putting the power to police against fraud in the hands of everyday Americans. They spend millions of dollars each year to try to weaken the law or keep it unknown.

It may surprise you, however, that the False Claims Act has been in practice since the Civil War. This brilliant tool was originally enacted by President Abraham Lincoln to fight fraud being committed on the Union Army by shady military suppliers.

Also known as the Lincoln Law due to its’ author, the original False Claims Act came about after it was discovered that unscrupulous defense contractors were literally selling old, decrepit horses and rotten food to the military.

Although the False Claims Act or Whistleblower Law is still used to fight fraudulent and illegal charges by defense contractors, in recent decades it has become an invaluable tool for fighting illegal charges against Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs by medical supply, medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

Since the law was altered in 1986, it has recovered billions of dollars in fraudulent claims made against the government, with nearly $3 billion being awarded to whistleblowers. In 2010 alone, more than $4 billion was recovered, with 80% from the healthcare industry.

Recently added provisions also allow IRS and SEC whistleblower lawsuits if you have evidence of tax fraud or corporate fraud by a publicly traded company of more than $1 million.

If you have information about false or fraudulent charges being made against the government in the healthcare or defense industries, or through tax or SEC filing fraud, contact a Maryland Whistleblower Lawyer today.

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